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4 08, 2016

Welcome Signs

By |2017-01-04T14:56:19+00:00August 4th, 2016|News, Uncategorized|

Here is one of our 'Welcome' signs. Jon who is one of our long term guests thinks that I have too many 'Welcome' signs - but I tell him that you can never have enough. I actually only have 2. [...]

4 02, 2016

Project – The West View Lodge Garden

By |2017-01-04T15:32:04+00:00February 4th, 2016|News|

The West View Lodge Garden is a never ending project. The B&B is close to Basingstoke, but we are still out in the country. Only 4 miles from Basingstoke and now that Basingstoke has a super new roundabout it takes [...]

2 01, 2016

Project New Doors

By |2017-01-04T15:35:57+00:00January 2nd, 2016|News|

You would have thought that having new doors fitted would be quite a straight forward task, well believe me - it is not!!! Oh no. Last October we thought that as the caring sort of folk that we are that [...]

1 01, 2016

Project ‘Fence Erecting’

By |2017-01-04T15:38:14+00:00January 1st, 2016|News|

Six of the hurdles are now in place and are looking good. The hurdles are made from hazel and a local chap called Mark Howard actually makes these by hand. It will be a few weeks before we can get [...]