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Six of the hurdles are now in place and are looking good.

The hurdles are made from hazel and a local chap called Mark Howard actually makes these by hand. It will be a few weeks before we can get some more from him as the summer is his busy time, but we think they are looking good and the plan is that they will keep the deer out of the garden. Those creatures might look all cute and harmless with those big brown eyes and long eyelashes, but don’t be fooled, they will chomp their way through my begonias without a second thought and a beautiful plant full of colour which brightens up an otherwise dull corner of the garden is turned into a stick within seconds – not so cute now! Here at our B&B near Basingstoke we like our guests to enjoy the garden and if you spot a deer, you have our permission to run at it screaming to discourage it from visiting again. Guests are very very welcome, deer are not quite so welcome.

Project ‘Fence Erecting’ to be continued …………

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