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You would have thought that having new doors fitted would be quite a straight forward task, well believe me – it is not!!! Oh no.
Last October we thought that as the caring sort of folk that we are that we would like to provide the guests that stay with us in our B&B near Basingstoke with a slightly more enhanced experience by providing them with those fancy swipe cards, so that in the mornings there will be no more rattling of keys when someone locks their door when they leave early. We wanted the doors to have more sound proofing than they currently have, so with this in mind we set about to find a supplier of oak doors and oak frames. 10 months later we finally took delivery of 10 new solid oak doors.

If we had known that the delivery company actually expected us to unload the doors ourselves then I am not so sure we would have looked forward to receiving them but once you start to unload them it’s hard to send them back. It took 2 hours to unload 10 doors – honest!! Luckily our decorator Jeff was on hand on Friday, he thought he was here to decorate a bedroom – oh no, he was lucky enough to be roped into unloading these doors. He was a star! Could not have done it with him. So Project ‘New Doors’ has now commenced.
Here’s a pic of one of the old doors – soon to be replaced by a new door.

So our B&B accommodation will be moving with the times by having these fancy new doors with their fancy new locks.


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